August 11th, 2020 Nationals Update!

Greeting members,

I hope this finds you and your loved ones well and healthy. 

On Saturday August 8th, 2020, the Executive Board conducted a virtual meeting to continue the business of the association.

We unamiously decided that it's to much of risk to hold the 2020 Nationals, so we have cancelled it.

Discussion was held as to members certifications and the possiblility of the continued problems with the virus.  

The  board agreed that all certifications will be valid for an extension period of  one (1) year from the current expiration, (if certifications expired in 2020, all members are granted an emergency extension  until the date in 2021, providing the members continue to maintain good standing status and memberships stay current).

Also, the accrediation process for this year will continue as usual. The exception is the discipline chairs will conduct the in person interviews by inviting members to a Google Meet virtual interview, please check email for invitation.

We ask any members interested in hosting the 2021 nationals to contact me or Heather Napieralski.

In closing, we will continue to move the association forward in the virtual world until the virus is under contol.

On behalf of the entire Executive Board, we wish you all well, good health, much success and happy holidays.

Richard L. McQueary


Download certification proclamation letter for court and department records.


International Police Work Dog Association

We incorporated as the Indiana Police Work Dog Association and when the membership grew to 500 members from throughout the United States, the membership decided to rename the organization (the) International Police Work Dog Association.


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