Award Categories and Eligibility Criteria:


   Lifesaving Award:
The award is based upon American Red Cross Lifesaving award requirements. The award recipient will be honored with a plaque.

   Award of Merit:
To be presented to a member, or a team for a particular outstanding job on a case, or a long term high level of performance in the field of police K-9 work. The award recipient will be honored with a plaque.

   Distinguished Service Award:
To be presented to a member who has demonstrated a pattern of service above that which is normally displayed, to the improvement and betterment of the International Police Work Dog Association. The award recipient will be honored with a plaque and uniform bar.

   Award of Valor:
To be presented to a member or a team in good standing for an act in which the aforementioned risked severe personal injury or death to accomplish their mission, or to save another threaten with severe personal injury of death in the act of a K-9 Team. The award recipient will be honored with a plaque, uniform bar and lifetime membership.

A. International police work dog members in good standing or the member's K-9 partner are eligible for the award.

B. Anyone who has personal knowledge of the incident may nominate the member for an award.

C. A letter of nomination must be written detailing what the nominee has done to qualify for the award. This letter must be mailed to the Awards Committee Chairperson.

D. The letter shall be received no later than June 1st, of the year the letter is submitted. Any letters received after June 1st, will not be acted on until the following year. Also include any and all media accounts of detail to which speak of the nominee.

E. The Awards Committee Chairperson will appoint two (2) members; the committee will consist of these three (3) members. The committee will review the nomination and if necessary conduct any further investigation into the facts as maybe necessary to confirm the information detailed in the letter of nomination. After they have all the information they feel is needed, they will vote on whether or not the award will be presented. Majority vote will prevail.

F. Awards Committee recommendations will be given to the Executive Committee. The Executive Committee's decision will be final.

G. The person making the nomination will be advised of the decision of the committee.. If the decision was to grant the award, then the appropriate award will be obtained by the Awards Chairperson, within a reasonable time. Once the award has been obtained, the President of the IPWDA will be notified.

H. The President will then send a letter to the nominee advising his/her that the award has been obtained and when and where the award will be presented, so the member can make arrangements to be present. If at all possible the award will be presented at an IPWDA workshop or at an IPWDA meeting.

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