2024  I.P.W.D.A. Membership Dues


Membership Dues are $60.00 for Regular Members effective January 1st 2020 and $75.00 for Associate Members. The Associate dues of $75.00 includes a $15.00 charge for the (initial criminal history check), thereafter, renewing Associate membership dues will be 60.00. However, the Executive Board reserves the right to require a criminal records check at the expense of the Associate members ($15.00) as per I.P.W.D.A. Bylaws. (Change 10-2014)

                                              (Outside U.S. please use your Countries conversion rates that applicable to U.S. membership fees)

Departments/Organizations making group membership renewal payments for multiple teams are eligible for discounts at 6 members or more as follows:

1-5 teams $ 60.00 each

6-10 teams $ 55.00 each

11 or more teams 50.00 each

Payment options are credit card, invoice or mail in checks. Online payment can be made for individuals or set up for group payments. Contact the Membership Chairman for group payments or group invoice payments.

(Associates requesting certification in areas other than SAR, please see addition fee information on the certification pages).

Select the appropriate membership status from below and follow the registation process.

Accepted members will receive a welcome letter, an electronic version of both the membership certificate and membership card suitable for printing.

Line of duty death benefit.  Any member that dies by felonious or accidental means while in the line of duty shall be eligible for a $2,500 line of duty death benefit.  This is a discretionary gift to the surviving spouse or legal representative of an active paid IPWDA member.  This is an extension of our support and sympathy for our service dog families.  The decision of the executive board is final on all line of duty deaths benefit payments. (Added 2015) 

Remember to be vigilant in keeping your personal information updated, especially your e-mail addresses, as this is how we will conctat you with I.P.W.D.A. information, workshops and newsletters.



Do you have a Permanent Member Number or have you ever been a member of IPWDA?


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