The International Police Work Dog Association is committed:

  1. To unite and assist all law enforcement agencies in the training and continued improvements of all work dogs.

  2. To establish a working standard for all work dogs, handlers, and trainers through an accreditation program.

  3. To enhance knowledge through seminars, publications, website material and certifications.

  4. To improve the image of the working dog.


History of IPWDA

In 1998, 11 k-9 officers from Indiana got together in Pennsylvania and decided that we needed to implement a k-9 organization that was inclusive of all dog handlers.

We incorporated as the Indiana Police Work Dog Association and when the membership grew to 500 members from throughout the United States, the membership decided to rename the organization (the) International Police Work Dog Association.

We felt that there was alot of good people in k-9, whether police or civilian, whereas, the police k-9 associations of that time wouldn't accept civilians. If they did, they did so with reservation and with limited access to what the associations had to offer.

The fundamental vision of the IPWDA was to be inclusive of all k-9 handlers that were worthy of being associated with and could certify to the standards set forth.

Since then, we have grown to approximately 800 members and still growing, and are truly the "International" k-9 association with members from around the world.

In our seminars, we attempt to make the training scenarios as life like as possible (tactical), with the possibility if so desired, handlers could certify in their respective disciplines.

In our association, we have tried to make it as to where people are judged in every aspect by peers of their own profession, not attempting to make an uneducated guess on a person or the team with no knowledge of them or their disciplines.

We have formed sub-committee groups, persons of the discipline, that investigate the credentials of Trainers and Master Trainers along with making recommendations for changes in the certifications of their specialties.

We are an ever growing organization keeping in mind that the members of IPWDA direct the future of this great k-9 family.


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